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CNC Turning of Deep Groove Aluminum Parts


In this case study, we explore a challenging CNC turning project involving the machining of deep groove aluminum parts. Our client required components with exceptionally deep grooves that could not be reached using standard machining methods, and the surface finish specification was a stringent Ra0.8. Through innovative approaches and precision engineering, our team successfully met these requirements. Here, we detail our process, the challenges faced, and the solutions implemented.

CNC Turning of Deep Groove Aluminum Parts 1

Project Overview


Part Specifications

- Material: 6082 Aluminum

- Feature: Deep groove

- Surface Finish Requirement: Ra0.8



1. Depth of Groove:

The groove was significantly deep, making it impossible to machine using conventional tools and methods.


2. Surface Finish:

Achieving a surface roughness of Ra0.8 in such a deep groove added another layer of complexity to the machining process.

CNC Turning of Deep Groove Aluminum Parts 2


Our Approach

Custom Tooling Solution

To overcome the challenge of reaching the deep groove, we developed a custom tool and tool holder specifically designed for this application. This bespoke solution enabled us to reach the required depth while maintaining the necessary rigidity and precision.

CNC Turning of Deep Groove Aluminum Parts 3


Machining Process

1. Initial Setup:

The custom tool and holder were carefully installed and aligned on our CNC lathe.


2. Rough Machining:

Initial passes were made to remove the bulk of the material, gradually deepening the groove while monitoring tool wear and workpiece integrity.


3. Fine Machining:

Subsequent passes focused on achieving the desired depth and preparing the groove for the final surface finish.


4. Surface Finishing:

Precision finishing passes were conducted to achieve the Ra0.8 surface roughness, using fine-tuned cutting parameters and continuous cooling to prevent overheating and ensure a smooth finish.





The results of our customized approach were outstanding:


- Dimensional Accuracy:

The deep groove was machined to the exact specifications outlined in the client’s drawings, with all critical dimensions and tolerances met.


- Surface Finish:

We achieved a surface roughness of Ra0.8, meeting the stringent quality requirements.


- Tool Performance:

The custom tool and holder performed exceptionally well, and consistent performance throughout the machining process.


- Efficiency:

Our solution allowed for efficient machining, reducing overall production time and costs while maintaining high quality.

CNC Turning of Deep Groove Aluminum Parts 4




Q1: What considerations are important when designing custom tooling for deep groove machining?

A1: When designing custom tooling for deep groove machining, consider the following:

- Tool Material and Coating:

Select materials and coatings that can withstand the specific conditions of the machining process.


- Tool Geometry:

Design the tool geometry to effectively navigate the groove while minimizing deflection and vibration.


- Cooling and Lubrication:

Integrate effective cooling and lubrication channels to manage heat and extend tool life.




Q2: How can surface roughness of Ra0.8 be achieved in deep grooves?

A2: Achieving a surface roughness of Ra0.8 in deep grooves involves:

1. Precision Machining Parameters:

Fine-tuning cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut to optimize the surface finish.


2. Continuous Cooling:

Using continuous cooling to prevent overheating and ensure a smooth surface.


3. Final Finishing Passes:

Conducting multiple fine finishing passes to gradually improve the surface quality.




Q3: What benefits does custom tooling bring to complex CNC machining projects?

A3: Custom tooling provides several benefits:

1. Enhanced Reach and Precision:

Custom tools can reach areas that standard tools cannot, while maintaining high precision.


2. Improved Tool Performance:

Custom designs can optimize tool performance for specific tasks, reducing wear and increasing efficiency.


3. Cost-Effectiveness:

While the initial investme

Utilizing a vacuum suction cup workbench to clamp and machining CNC aluminum panel
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