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Machined plastic parts

In the automotive industry, Machined plastic parts are used for manufacturing dashboards, door panels, and other interior components. In the medical sector, They are used for creating surgical instruments, prosthetics, and medical devices such as hearing aids and dental aides.

Understanding the unique requirements of each project, we offer customized solutions tailored to your specifications. Whether it's intricate designs or specific dimensions, our CNC milling services ensure that your Plastic POM parts meet your exact needs.
At our CNC machining facility, we good at crafting bespoke PTFE sealing rings to meet the exacting needs of diverse industries. The custom PTFE sealing rings offer exceptional sealing performance, chemical resistance, and thermal stability.
At our CNC machining facility, we specialize in delivering precision-crafted POM GF25 parts tailored to your unique specifications. The Polyoxymethylene (POM) reinforced with 25% glass fiber composition ensures durability and dimensional stability. Our professional CNC machining processes guarantee the accuracy and reliability required for diverse applications.
From intricate designs to robust prototypes, our CNC machining capabilities cater to a spectrum of industries. Trust us to deliver customized PVC parts that meet your requirements with precision and reliability.
Our CNC machining service excels in precision crafting of medical orthotic components using PEEK CA30 plastic. Known for its durability and biocompatibility, PEEK CA30 is an ideal material for medical applications, providing strength and stability for orthotic devices.
Welcome to our Polycarbonate (PC) CNC milling service, where precision meets customization. As a leading CNC machining facility specializing in OEM solutions, we offer tailored services for the manufacturing of high-quality Polycarbonate components.
ABS, known for its durability and impact resistance, finds versatile applications in industries ranging from automotive to electronics. Our CNC milling process ensures each part meets the stringent requirements of your unique designs.
Explore the reliability of our custom CNC milled POM plastic parts. As an established OEM CNC machining facility, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions for unique component needs. Polyoxymethylene (POM) plastic, chosen for its mechanical properties, finds expert application in our CNC milling processes.
Our CNC machined Nylon PA6 parts are produced with a focus on dimensional accuracy and material integrity. The Nylon 6 (PA6) material ensures optimal strength and resilience, making these components ideal for a wide range of OEM applications.
Crafted from high-quality Polyoxymethylene (POM) material, our milling parts boast exceptional durability and dimensional accuracy. The CNC machining process ensures meticulous attention to detail, allowing for tight tolerances that meet the specific requirements of your OEM projects.
Our Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob is a meticulously crafted automotive accessory designed to enhance your driving experience. This precision-engineered shift knob is the perfect combination of functionality, style, and personalization.
CNC Precision Milled PP Plastic Parts are high-quality plastic components produced using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology. These parts are manufactured with precise milling techniques to ensure excellent accuracy and consistency, delivering reliable performance in various industries.
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