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Mirror EDM Service

Precision Machining with Mirror EDM: Achieving Micro-Level Accuracy and Fine Surface Finishes

Mirror EDM, also known as Wire EDM, is a precision machining method suitable for a variety of materials, including metals and exotic alloys. Recognized for its micro-level accuracy and non-contact machining, Mirror EDM excels in crafting intricate shapes and achieving fine surface finishes.

With minimal tool wear and versatility across hardness levels, it is a preferred choice for industries seeking precision and efficiency in component manufacturing.

We can achieve machining precision within:+/-0.003mm and surface roughness of Ra0.02μm,clearance angle can be guaranteed R0.01 or less.

Mirror EDM Service


Mirror EDM, also known as Sinker EDM or Conventional EDM, is a specialized form of electrical discharge machining that utilizes a shaped electrode to erode the workpiece. The process involves creating a negative impression or "mirror" of the electrode shape in the workpiece. This technique is widely employed for producing intricate and precise molds, dies, and components, particularly in tool and die manufacturing.


1. Material Conductivity:
Mirror EDM is limited to electrically conductive materials, which may restrict its application to certain workpiece materials.

2. Electrode Wear:
The electrode experiences wear during the machining process, and its shape may change over time, requiring periodic adjustments or replacements.

3. Machining Speed:
While highly precise, Mirror EDM can be slower compared to other machining methods, making it more suitable for applications prioritizing precision over speed.


1. Precision Machining:

Mirror EDM is renowned for its ability to achieve high precision and intricate details in the machined surfaces. It excels in producing complex shapes and geometries.

2. Versatility:

The process is versatile and can be applied to various conductive materials, including hardened steels, carbide, and exotic alloys. It is commonly used in the production of molds for plastic injection molding and die-casting.

3. Surface Finish:

Mirror EDM delivers excellent surface finishes, reducing the need for extensive post-machining polishing. This is crucial for applications where a smooth surface is paramount.

Materials for Mirror EDM

The various materials applicable to the above machining processes. They can be used in multiple industries.
Especially suitable for one-time prototypes and custom parts for final use.
Applicable Materials Material Grades Characteristics
Tool Steel SKD11, D2, A2 High hardness, wearresistant, used for cutting tools
Copper Alloy C11000, C17200 Good conductivity, used for electrode manufacturing
HighTemperature Alloys Inconel 718, Hastelloy Hightemperature resistance, aerospace, energy
Superhard Alloys CBN, PCBN Extremely high hardness, used for manufacturing wearresistant parts
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