Ruixing MFG - Custom CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer & Supplier For 18 Years

Ruixing MFG - Custom CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer For 18 Years

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Our gerneral manager Jennifer was engaged at product design before. In 2005 Jennifer founded Shenxhen Ruixing precision manufacturing factory. In 2017 we newly established Shenzhen Ruixing Precision MFG and passed ISO9001 Certification.      
Ruixing MFG is located in Shenzhen Guangdong, China. We covers 2208 square meter and equipped with over 50 sets of CNC lathe, CNC milling machine,CNC turning and milling compound machine, Keyence IM 8020 measurer, other related equipments. 

Our goal is to be your One-stop CNC machined shop and your professional partner of machining parts manufacturing.
ShenZhen Ruixing Precison MFG is one-stop CNC machining manufacturer with 18 years of experience. We provide OEM ODM machining service,stable product quality, in-time delivery and satisfied customer service. We have perfect supplier system and can provide stable machining related process. Laser cutting, laser welding, stamping, 3d-printing, Wire-EDM, precise casting, surface finished are all available.  We have stable technical team with rich experience and have self-designed ERP sysem to ensure whole production process smoothly.
Our staffs have been working in CNC machining about 8-17 years. They have high skilled technology, strong responsibility, strict quality and best teamwork. 100% inspection will be done before shipment. We have self-developed production system to ensure delivery time. We served for worldwide customers from USA, Canada, European and Asian. Our precision machined parts are widely used in sensor housing, instruments and meters, automobile, step motor, optical and medical Supply, automation equipment, etc.
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Our team

Our team is a dedicated, hard-working group specially selected for their enthusiasm and commitment to providing excellent customer service. They offer advice, answer any queries, and offer continuous support even after a purchase is completed.
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Factory and work environment

We promise to provide each customer one-stop service from production to shipment to ensure the order finished on time.
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Our Cases - what we finished

So far, we have cooperated with multiple companies from the industry because we provide high-quality products and services at more competitive prices.
Precision Wire Cutting Tungsten Carbide Parts
CNC titanium plated titanium parts, as the name suggests, are titanium parts that are coated with a thin layer of titanium nitride (TiN) through a process called physical vapor deposition (PVD). This results in a part with a hard and durable surface, while still retaining the unique physical and chemical properties of titanium..
Precision Wire Cutting Tungsten Carbide Parts
Wire cutting is a machining process in which a thin wire cuts through the workpiece material to create the desired shape.
(PG) Optical Profile Curve Grinding parts
Optical Profile Curve Grinding is a process that involves the use of a diamond-tipped tool to grind complex shapes on high-precision components.
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Our honor certificate

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Reliable CNC Machining Parts Supplier

Welcome to RuiXing MFG, your go-to source for dependable CNC machining parts. With a solid 18-year track record, we take pride in being a straightforward and reliable CNC machining parts supplier dedicated to delivering practical solutions for your needs.
CNC machining parts supplier

ISO9001 Certified for Consistent Quality

Ensuring consistent quality is a priority at RuiXing. We are ISO9001 certified, a testament to our commitment to maintaining industry-accepted standards. This certification reflects our dedication to providing CNC machining parts that meet the expected benchmarks without unnecessary exaggeration.

Thorough Quality Control Processes: IQC, IPQC, FQC

Quality assurance is embedded in our processes. Every CNC machining part undergoes a thorough three-step quality control process – Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC), and Final Quality Control (FQC). This ensures that each component meets our practical quality standards.

Material Versatility – Handling Metals and Plastics with Ease

Diversity is our strength. As a practical CNC machining parts supplier, we work with various metals and plastics. For example, metals include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium alloys, tungsten steel, etc., while plastics include ABS, Acrylic, delrin, nylon, PC, PE, PEEK, PEI, PP, PPS, PTFE, PU, PVC, etc, we have the expertise to handle different materials with practical precision.

Comprehensive Processes – CNC Machining, CNC Turning, and More

Equipped with 50 reliable machines, including CNC machining and CNC turning, we offer a comprehensive suite of practical machining processes. Additionally, we provide over 30 surface treatments to ensure your CNC machining parts meet functional requirements without unnecessary embellishment.

Industry Solutions Across Various Sectors

We serves a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial automation, machinery, manufacturing, instrumentation, sensors, medical devices, beauty and personal care, consumer electronics, oil and gas, cooling systems, robotics, and more.

Choose us as your straightforward CNC manufacturing company and manufacturing ally. Experience the practical precision, reliability, and straightforward excellence that define us. Let us contribute to the success of your projects with our proven CNC machining solutions.

Choose us as your straightforward CNC manufacturing company and manufacturing ally.
Experience the practical precision, reliability, and straightforward excellence that define us.
Let us contribute to the success of your projects with our proven CNC machining solutions.
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Please tell us about your project including material, colour, quantity and surface finishing. Include as much information as you can so we can provide you with an accurate quote.
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Jennifer Peng
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Ruixing MFG - Custom CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer Since 2005
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