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Precision Wire EDM Service

Elevating Precision Manufacturing with Wire Cutting Services

Precision wire cutting is a methodical process tailored for intricate shaping with micro-level accuracy across diverse materials like metals and alloys. It excels in fine detailing, minimizing material loss while offering versatility.

Noteworthy for reduced heat impact, high-volume efficiency, and streamlined post-cutting cleanup, precision wire cutting stands as a reliable solution for industries seeking precise and efficient component manufacturing.

The diameter of the wire range: φ0.1~0.25mm, the machining precision +/-0.002mm, the surface roughness can reach 0.05Rau m, Rz0.1, can adapt to the simple cavity to the diversification of complex shape precision machining needs.


Precision Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Cutting is an advanced machining process renowned for its ability to achieve intricate and high-precision cuts in conductive materials. This technique utilizes a thin, electrically charged wire to erode the workpiece with controlled electrical discharges. Precision wire EDM is particularly well-suited for applications demanding intricate shapes, tight tolerances, and minimal material waste.


The primary advantage lies in its exceptional precision, allowing for the creation of intricate and complex geometries with micron-level accuracy. The non-contact nature of the process ensures minimal mechanical stress on the workpiece, making it suitable for delicate materials. Precision wire EDM is highly effective for small-scale production and prototyping, providing consistency and accuracy in each machined component.


Despite its precision, precision wire EDM does face certain limitations. The process can be time-consuming, especially for thicker workpieces, as multiple passes may be required. Additionally, the wire electrode experiences wear during machining, necessitating periodic adjustments. While ideal for intricate designs, it may not be the optimal choice for high-volume production with stringent time constraints.
Laser cutting service
Wire EDM Service

Exploring Precision in Wire EDM: Pure Water vs. Oil as Processing Media

Pure water proves instrumental in addressing challenges associated with frictional heat during wire EDM. By reducing the wire's operating temperature, it prevents deformation and extends the machine's service life. The cooling properties of pure water elevate workpiece quality, mitigating heat and debris for a cleaner machining environment. However, the risk of rust on submerged workpieces is a consideration.

Conversely, oil in wire EDM excels in ultra-precision machining, particularly for hard alloy parts. Submerging the workpiece in oil enhances precision, shields against corrosion, and achieves a mirror effect on the machined surface. While oil-based EDM machines are pricier, their nanometer-level precision makes them ideal for industries prioritizing accuracy.

Wire cutting machines offer versatility, seamlessly switching between pure water, oil, or a combination based on specific requirements. Despite the higher cost, oil-based wire cutting machines find extensive use in industries requiring top-tier precision, such as telecommunications, computers, aviation, and medical devices.

Materials for Precision Wire EDM

The various materials applicable to the above machining processes. They can be used in multiple industries.
Especially suitable for one-time prototypes and custom parts for final use.
Applicable Materials Material Grades Characteristics
Carbide WC, CoCr, TaC High hardness, wearresistant, used for cutting metals
Stainless Steel 304, 316, 174 PH Corrosionresistant, high strength, for precision parts
Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V High strength, corrosionresistant, lightweight, aerospace
Aluminum Alloy 6061, 7075 Lightweight, good thermal conductivity, aerospace, automotive
Engineering Plastics PEEK, PA6, POM Lightweight, excellent insulation, electronics, automotive
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Our other manufacturing capabilities

We also offer other machining services, and if you have multiple projects, we can provide solutions for all your needs. 

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Turning parts with a minimum diameter of 0.5mm and a maximum diameter of 600mm.

Milling parts are typically achievable in dimensions up to 800mm*500mm*500mm, with some exceptions reaching a maximum size of 2m*1.2m*800mm.
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Optical Profile Grinding
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Precision Wire EDM, often referred to as Mirror EDM, emerges as a highly accurate machining technique tailored for various materials, encompassing metals and exotic alloys. Celebrated for its micro-level precision and contactless machining, Precision Wire EDM stands out in sculpting intricate shapes and achieving impeccable surface finishes.
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