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Wire EDM & grinding parts

The Wire EDM & grinding parts go through a precise manufacturing process to achieve exceptional accuracy and surface finish. It begins with the selection of high-quality materials, followed by the use of professional wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) techniques. This process utilizes a thin wire electrode to precisely cut and shape the parts with tight tolerances. After EDM, the parts undergo grinding operations to further refine the dimensions and achieve a smooth surface finish. The result is a range of parts that find extensive use in industries such as medical devices, aerospace, and electronics, where precision and quality are paramount.

At our facility, we offer precision custom wire cutting services for 316L stainless steel parts, tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our expertise lies in delivering meticulously crafted components with unparalleled accuracy and consistency, catering to diverse industrial applications.
In the realm of CNC machining, our Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears stand as a testament to precision and reliability. Crafted from robust 45# carbon steel, these gears are meticulously shaped through the wire-cutting process, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and durability.
As a OEM CNC machining facility, we provide custom Wire EDM 17-4PH Stainless Steel service, we specialize in delivering precision-engineered solutions tailored to the specific needs of B2B manufacturing.
Our wire EDM machining service offers unparalleled precision, ensuring the manufacture of intricate components with tight tolerances.
The production process of Wire cutting parts is very rigorous and precise, and the highly sophisticated production and assembly process is designed to ensure the quality and precision of the parts to meet the needs of customers.
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Discover the precision of machining with precision grinding and CNC EDM wire cut processes. Precision grinding ensures meticulous accuracy, while CNC EDM wire cut excels in intricate designs. Explore the synergy of these machining services, where precision meets innovation.

CNC EDM wire cut:

1. Suitable Parts:

   - CNC edm wire cut is ideal for parts that require intricate designs, tight tolerances, and high precision, such as gears, dies, and complex molds.


2. Characteristics:

   - The process employs a thin, electrically charged wire to precisely cut through conductive materials, offering a high degree of accuracy and intricate detailing.

   - CNC edm wire cut is known for its ability to produce parts with minimal stress and heat-affected zones, ensuring the integrity of the machined components.

3. Industries and Components:

   - Tool and Die Industry:

      - Components: Injection molds, extrusion dies, forging dies.

   - Aerospace Industry:

      - Components: Turbine components, engine parts.

   - Medical Device Manufacturing:

      - Components: Surgical tools, intricate medical device parts.

Precision grinding:

1. Suitable Parts:

   - Precision grinding is well-suited for parts that demand extremely tight tolerances, fine surface finishes, and dimensional accuracy. Common parts include shafts, bearings, and cylindrical components.

2. Characteristics:

   - Precision grinding involves the use of abrasives to remove material and achieve the desired shape or finish with high accuracy.

   - This method is known for producing parts with exceptional surface quality, low surface roughness, and precise dimensions.

3. Industries and Components:

   - Automotive Industry:

      - Components: Engine components, transmission parts.

   - Medical Equipment Manufacturing:

      - Components: Surgical instruments, implants.

   - Precision Machinery Manufacturing:

      - Components: Bearings, gears, shafts.


In the world of CNC machining, the combination of CNC edm wire cut and precision grinding offers a powerful duo for achieving unparalleled precision and accuracy. Whether you require intricate components with tight tolerances or parts with exceptional surface finishes, these methods provide the precision your projects demand.

For CNC edm wire cut and precision grinding services that meet the high standards, consider us. Our expertise and facilities ensure the delivery of top-quality precision-machined components tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and experience the precision advantage.

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