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Precision Grinding Service

Centerless Grinding


Centerless grinding is a machining process where the workpiece is supported on its outer diameter between two wheels: a grinding wheel and a regulating wheel. The grinding wheel removes material from the workpiece, and the regulating wheel controls the rotation speed and feed rate. This process is particularly effective for achieving high production rates and cylindrical components with precise diameters.


1. High Production Rates:

Centerless grinding is known for its efficiency in handling high volumes of cylindrical workpieces, making it suitable for mass production.


2. Cylindrical Accuracy:

It excels in producing components with tight tolerances on cylindrical features, ensuring precise diameters.

3. Reduced Setup Time:

The absence of centers eliminates the need for workpiece centers, reducing setup time and enabling quick changeovers.


1. Limited to Cylindrical Shapes:

Centerless grinding is best suited for cylindrical parts, and it may not be ideal for components with complex geometries.

2. Surface Finish:

Achieving fine surface finishes can be challenging compared to some other grinding methods.

Centerless Grinding Service
Surface Grinding Service

Surface Grinding


Surface grinding is a precision machining process where a rotating abrasive wheel grinds away material from the workpiece's surface. This method is widely used for creating flat surfaces, achieving high tolerances, and improving surface finishes on both metallic and non-metallic materials.


1. Flat Surface Accuracy:
Surface grinding is exceptionally effective in producing flat surfaces with high precision and uniformity.
2. Versatility:
It can be applied to a variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, and plastics, making it a versatile process.

3. Surface Finish:
Surface grinding provides excellent surface finishes, crucial for applications requiring smooth and functional surfaces.


1. Limited to Flat Surfaces:
As the name suggests, surface grinding is primarily designed for flat surfaces and may not be suitable for complex 3D shapes.

2. Setup Complexity:
Achieving optimal results may require careful setup and fixturing, contributing to longer preparation times.

Profile Grinding


Profile grinding is a specialized form of surface grinding that focuses on the precise shaping of a workpiece's contour or profile. This process utilizes a grinding wheel with a defined profile to achieve the desired shape, making it suitable for complex geometries and irregular surfaces.


1. Complex Shapes:

Profile grinding is specifically designed for machining complex profiles and contours with high precision.


2. Versatility:

It can handle a wide range of materials and is effective in producing intricate workpiece shapes.

3. Tight Tolerances:

Profile grinding excels in achieving tight tolerances, ensuring the accuracy of the machined profiles.


1. Specialized Setup:

The setup for profile grinding can be more intricate than standard surface grinding, potentially requiring specialized tooling.

2. Surface Finish Considerations:

Achieving extremely fine surface finishes may require additional steps or processes.

Optical Profile Grinding Service

Materials for Precision Grinding

The various materials applicable to the above machining processes. They can be used in multiple industries.
Especially suitable for one-time prototypes and custom parts for final use.
Grinding Type Material Typical Grades
Centerless Grinding Steel 1018, 4140, 1045
Stainless Steel 304, 316, 440C
Aluminum 6061, 7075
Brass C260, C360
Titanium Grade 2, Grade 5
Carbide WC-Co
Hardened Tool Steel H13, A2
Surface Grinding Cast Iron Grey Iron, Ductile Iron
Hardened Steel HRC 55+, A2, D2
Stainless Steel 304, 316, 440C
Aluminum 6061, 7075
Brass C260, C360
Titanium Grade 2, Grade 5
Carbide WC-Co
Profile Grinding Hardened Steel HRC 60+, A2, D2
Carbide WC-Co
High-Speed Steel M2, M42
Tool Steel O1, S7
Stainless Steel 304, 316, 440C
Aluminum 6061, 7075
Titanium Grade 2, Grade 5
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Our other manufacturing capabilities

We also offer other machining services, and if you have multiple projects, we can provide solutions for all your needs. 

CNC Machining Service
Turning parts with a minimum diameter of 0.5mm and a maximum diameter of 600mm.

Milling parts are typically achievable in dimensions up to 800mm*500mm*500mm, with some exceptions reaching a maximum size of 2m*1.2m*800mm.
Laser cutting service
Laser cutting emerges as a versatile technique, demonstrating expertise in cutting a diverse array of materials, spanning metals, plastics, wood, and beyond.
Renowned for its capacity for rapid production, precise cuts, and flexibility across materials, laser cutting proves to be a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly solution.
Mirror edm
Precision Wire EDM, often referred to as Mirror EDM, emerges as a highly accurate machining technique tailored for various materials, encompassing metals and exotic alloys.
Celebrated for its micro-level precision and contactless machining, Precision Wire EDM stands out in sculpting intricate shapes and achieving impeccable surface finishes.
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