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Titanium Alloy Shaft CNC Machining Case Study - RuiXing MFG


At RuiXing MFG, we present a noteworthy case study in the precision CNC machining domain, focusing on a Titanium alloy shaft. This narrative unveils the nuanced process of material customization, intricate machining requirements, and the pragmatic solutions employed to meet client specifications.


1. Tailored Approach to Titanium Alloy

In addressing the challenges of machining grade5 Titanium alloy – a material valued for its strength and corrosion resistance – our team adopted a customized tooling strategy. The 272mm shaft demanded a thoughtful and specialized approach due to Titanium's distinctive properties, so we necessitate the customized cutting tools.

Titanium Alloy Shaft CNC Machining Case Study - RuiXing MFG 1

2. Navigating the Complexities of Stepped Bore Design

The interior of the shaft featured a stepped bore design with a 19.6mm diameter and an impressive 242.37mm depth, requiring a smoothness level of Ra3.2. The additional challenge involved seamlessly connecting this stepped bore to a 14.1mm diameter hole. Our engineers adeptly tackled these complexities, ensuring a flawless transition between the stepped bore and the connecting hole.

Titanium Alloy Shaft CNC Machining Case Study - RuiXing MFG 2

3. Precision through Concentricity Control

Emphasizing precision, our team meticulously optimized process design and machining parameters. The goal was to achieve concentricity control within 0.05 for both the interior bore and the outer circumference. This approach involved a calibrated process, ensuring the machinery met the required standards through careful adjustments and refinement.

Titanium Alloy Shaft CNC Machining Case Study - RuiXing MFG 3


The completion of the Titanium alloy shaft project underscores RuiXing MFG's commitment to advancing CNC machining boundaries. Through a tailored approach to materials, pragmatic problem-solving, and a commitment to precision, our team successfully navigated the intricacies of this project. The end result not only met but surpassed client expectations. This case serves as a testament to our capabilities in handling challenging materials and intricate designs with a measured and expert approach.

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