Ruixing MFG - Custom CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer & Supplier For 18 Years

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Showcase of CNC Machined Parts

As a professional CNC machining parts supplier in China, Ruixing MFG has been providing extensive

precision custom CNC machining services to companies in Europe and North America since 2015.

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Swiss type turning service
With 18+ years of experience
Factory 2208+ square meters
Equipped 50 sets CNC machine
Quality Inspection Room
Ruixing CNC machined parts manufacturer was founded

Advantages of Ruixing precision machined components manufacturer

CNC machining services
We can provide CNC turning, 3, 4 5 axis CNC milling and post-process.Tolerance is minimum+/- 0.0004 inch (0.01mm).
Quality assurance
We have passed the ISO9001:2015 -certified quality management system certificationandcan provide material analysis reports and product testing reports. Additionally, we have professional quality testing equipment such as alloy analyzers、Tesa height gauge、Keyence IMG measurer and roughness tester to ensure that your component materials meet the standards and can be used perfectly.
End-to-End Management Service
including materials, surface treatment, payment methods, logistics transportation routes, and End-to-End Management services, saving you valuable time.
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Understand the industry we serve

RuiXing MFG produce custom CNC machined parts and sheet metal parts for customers in multiple industries: aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial automation, machinery, manufacturing, instruments & meters, Sensor, medical devices, beauty & personal care, consumer electronics, oil & gas, cooling system, robotics, etc.
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Watch the video to understand how we ensure the smooth progress of your project.
End-to-End Management

Support your project all the time

ShenZhen Ruixing Precison MFG is End-to-End Management CNC machining parts manufacturer with 18 years of experience. We provide custom machining service, stable product quality, in-time delivery and satisfied customer service. We have perfect supplier system and can provide stable machining related process. 
  We provide 30 + surface finishes.
  We undergo a comprehensive three-phase quality control process to guarantee the excellence of your parts.
We served for worldwide customers from USA, Canada, European,South America and Asian. 
We have a self-developed production system, which can provide stable processing-related processes , and provide high-quality services to global customers .
About Us
End-to-End Management
CNC machined parts manufacturer
ShenZhen Ruixing Precison MFG is End-to-End Management CNC machining parts manufacturer with 18 years of experience. We provide custom machining service, stable product quality, in-time delivery and satisfied customer service. We have perfect supplier system and can provide stable machining related process.

Laser cutting, laser welding, Wire-EDM, precise casting, surface finished are all available.  We have stable technical team with rich experience and have self-designed ERP sysem to ensure whole production process smoothly.

Our honor certificate

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Blog & article

Among the various materials that CNC machines can handle, superalloys hold a special place due to their unique properties and applications.
2024 06 24
CNC machining, known for its precision and efficiency, often encounters challenges when creating specific types of holes.
2024 06 14
The anodized layer on CNC machining aluminum parts plays a critical role in enhancing the performance, durability, and aesthetics of the finished product.
2024 06 05
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CNC machining parts

To be a reliable CNC machining parts manufacturer, certain fundamental criteria must be met. A stable and trustworthy manufacturer in CNC machining should possess the following qualities:

- Advanced Machinery:

State-of-the-art CNC machines equipped with cutting-edge technology for precise and efficient manufacturing processes.

- Skilled Workforce:

Highly trained and experienced machinists capable of programming, operating, and maintaining CNC equipment.

- Quality Control Measures:

Strict quality control protocols to ensure precision, accuracy, and consistency in every manufactured component.

- Customization Capabilities:

Flexibility to accommodate diverse client requirements and provide tailored solutions.

- Timely Delivery:

Adherence to deadlines and efficient production scheduling to meet client timelines consistently.

- Excellent Customer Service:

Responsive communication, transparency, and a customer-centric approach to address client needs effectively.

Precision machining services encompass a range of processes tailored for intricate and accurate component manufacturing. These services cater to various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. The high value of precision machining services stems from:

- Accuracy and Consistency:

Ability to produce components with tight tolerances and exact specifications, crucial for critical applications.

- Complex Geometries:

Capability to fabricate intricate and complex parts that conventional machining methods may struggle to achieve.

- Enhanced Efficiency:

Minimized material wastage, reduced rework, and optimized production processes lead to cost-effectiveness.

- Superior Surface Finish:

Precision machining delivers components with exceptionally smooth surfaces, crucial for applications requiring minimal friction or sealing properties.

Precision machining services Overview:

CNC machining manufacturer

Advantages of Choosing China CNC services

Opting for CNC services in China offers several advantages due to the country's manufacturing expertise and capabilities. The strengths of china CNC services include:

- Cost-Effectiveness:

Competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious clients.

- Technological Advancements:

Access to cutting-edge CNC technology and infrastructure, ensuring efficient and precise manufacturing processes.

- Scalability:

Ability to handle large-scale production volumes while maintaining quality standards and meeting delivery timelines.

- Skilled Workforce:

Abundance of skilled machinists and engineers with expertise in CNC operations, programming, and quality control.

- Global Market Reach:

China's established supply chain networks and logistics facilitate seamless international distribution of CNC-manufactured components.
Looking for CNC machining parts manufacturer?
Please tell us about your project including material, colour, quantity and surface finishing. Include as much information as you can so we can provide you with an accurate quote.
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Ruixing MFG - Custom CNC Machined Parts Manufacturer Since 2005
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