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Case Study: Methods for CNC turning thin-walled brass parts.


In response to a customer order, our team undertook the intricate task of manufacturing a set of CNC machining brass components, with a particular focus on the challenging brass dome. This component, measuring 240mm in length with a delicate wall thickness of 2mm, presented a unique set of challenges. The raw material, weighing over 50 kilograms before turning, required meticulous precision and advanced machining techniques to meet the specified requirements.

Case Study: Methods for CNC turning thin-walled brass parts. 1

To overcome the challenges posed by the brass dome's dimensions and material characteristics, our skilled engineers devised a meticulous process. The initial step involved hollowing out a portion of the material, creating a cavity within the brass dome. To ensure the structural integrity and prevent deformation during subsequent machining, a combination of plaster and strategically positioned aluminum blocks was introduced into the cavity.

Case Study: Methods for CNC turning thin-walled brass parts. 2

A noteworthy aspect of our approach was the strategic placement of aluminum blocks within the hollowed section. This not only facilitated the machining process but also served as an effective countermeasure against potential deformations. In instances where manually retrieving the aluminum blocks posed challenges, our engineers employed advanced techniques, such as utilizing air guns to blow into threaded holes in the aluminum blocks. This innovative approach ensured the effortless removal of the aluminum blocks, showcasing the adaptability and resourcefulness of our machining team.

Case Study: Methods for CNC turning thin-walled brass parts. 3

Following the precision machining process, the brass components underwent a meticulous polishing treatment. This stage is crucial not only for aesthetic considerations but also for ensuring the final product's dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Our skilled craftsmen employed precision grinding techniques to achieve exquisite and finely crafted parts, meeting the highest standards of quality.


The success of this case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering precision in every aspect of CNC machining. From strategic material removal and innovative solutions for internal support to the final polishing touches, our team's expertise ensures the production of high-quality brass components. This case serves as a testament to the fusion of advanced CNC machining techniques and the skilled craftsmanship required to meet the unique challenges posed by intricate component manufacturing.

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