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Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts 1
Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts 2
Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts 1
Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts 2

Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts

Precision Engineering:

Our CNC machining services ensure the production of PPS GF40 parts with high precision. The use of professional machinery allows for intricate designs and tight tolerances, meeting the exact specifications of our clients.


Material Excellence:

Crafted from PPS GF40, a high-performance thermoplastic with 40% glass fiber reinforcement, these parts exhibit exceptional strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. The material's excellent mechanical properties make it ideal for demanding industrial environments.


Versatility in Applications:

Our custom CNC machined PPS GF40 parts find applications across diverse industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. From structural components to intricate parts, our machining capabilities cater to a wide range of needs.


Mechanical Integrity:

The inherent strength of PPS GF40, combined with the precision of CNC machining, results in parts that offer excellent mechanical integrity. These components can withstand challenging conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability in service.


Tailored OEM Solutions:

As an OEM CNC machining factory, we specialize in providing tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of our clients. From prototyping to large-scale production, our team is committed to delivering custom PPS GF40 parts that align with your specific needs.


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    1. Dimensional Stability:

        The addition of 40% glass fiber enhances PPS's dimensional stability, ensuring that machined parts maintain precise dimensions even under varying temperatures.

    2. High Heat Resistance:

        PPS GF40 parts boast an elevated heat resistance, with a continuous operating temperature reaching approximately 240°C (464°F). This makes them suitable for applications in demanding thermal environments.

    3. Excellent Mechanical Strength:

        The incorporation of glass fiber significantly reinforces the mechanical strength of PPS. Tensile strength can range around 120 MPa, providing robustness crucial for diverse industrial applications.

    Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts (1)

    4. Low Water Absorption:

        PPS GF40 exhibits low water absorption, a vital property for components exposed to humid or wet conditions. This characteristic ensures stability and reliability in varied environments.

    5. Chemical Resistance:

        PPS GF40 parts showcase excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for applications in aggressive industrial settings where exposure to chemicals is inevitable.


    - Enhanced Dimensional Stability

    - High Heat Resistance

    - Exceptional Mechanical Strength

    - Low Water Absorption

    - Outstanding Chemical Resistance


    - Higher Material Cost

    - Increased Abrasion on Machining Tools


    1. Automotive Sector:

        Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 parts play a vital role in the automotive industry, particularly within engine components. Their robust nature, heat resistance, and dimensional stability make them ideal for critical applications.

    2. Aerospace Industry:

        In aerospace, where precision and durability are non-negotiable, they find applications in structural components. Their lightweight yet sturdy nature contributes to enhanced performance.

    3. Electronics Manufacturing:

    Custom CNC machined PPS GF40 Parts

        They are integral to electronics manufacturing, serving in connectors and housings. The material's excellent mechanical properties ensure the longevity of electronic devices.

    4. Industrial Equipment:

        Within industrial equipment, these parts find a place in gear systems. The high strength and wear resistance of PPS GF40 contribute to the efficiency and reliability of gear mechanisms.

    5. Medical Devices:

        Precision is paramount in the medical field. PPS GF40 parts, known for their dimensional stability, are used in the manufacturing of surgical instrument components.

    6. Oil and Gas Sector:

        In the oil and gas industry, where harsh conditions prevail, custom CNC machined PPS GF40 parts are employed in valve components. Their resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures ensures optimal performance.


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