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Precision Custom CNC Machined POM GF25 Parts 1
Precision Custom CNC Machined POM GF25 Parts 2
Precision Custom CNC Machined POM GF25 Parts 1
Precision Custom CNC Machined POM GF25 Parts 2

Precision Custom CNC Machined POM GF25 Parts

At our CNC machining facility, we specialize in delivering precision custom CNC machined POM GF25 parts tailored to your unique specifications. The Polyoxymethylene (POM) reinforced with 25% glass fiber composition ensures durability and dimensional stability. Our professional CNC machining processes guarantee the accuracy and reliability required for diverse applications.


From automotive components to industrial machinery, our custom OEM services prioritize quality, meeting the strictest standards. Trust us for dependable POM GF25 parts designed and machined with precision.


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    1. Mechanical Properties:

       - Tensile Strength: 70 MPa

       - Flexural Modulus: 3,500 MPa

       - Impact Strength (Izod): 150 J/m

    2. Thermal Properties:

       - Melting Point: 175°C

       - Thermal Conductivity: 0.35 W/(m·K)

       - Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 110 x 10^-6 /°C

    3. Electrical Properties:

       - Dielectric Constant: 3.8

       - Volume Resistivity: 10^14 Ω·cm

       - Surface Resistivity: 10^14 Ω

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    4. Chemical Resistance:

       - Resistant to alcohols, weak acids, and oils.

       - Limited resistance to strong acids and bases.


    1. High Strength and Stiffness:

    POM GF25 exhibits impressive tensile strength and flexural modulus, ensuring mechanical stability in various applications.

    2. Excellent Impact Resistance:

    The material's high impact strength makes it suitable for parts exposed to sudden forces or shocks.

    3. Thermal Stability:

    With a relatively high melting point and low thermal expansion, POM GF25 performs well under thermal stress.

    4. Electrical Insulation:

    Its dielectric properties make it a reliable choice for electrical applications, maintaining insulation integrity.

    5. Chemical Resistance:

    Resistant to common solvents and chemicals, ensuring durability in challenging environments.


    1. Limited Chemical Resistance:

    POM GF25 may not withstand exposure to strong acids and bases, limiting its use in certain chemical environments.

    2. Not Suitable for High-Temperature Applications:

    While thermally stable, POM GF25 may not be suitable for extremely high-temperature applications.


    1. Automotive Sector:

       - Application: POM GF25 gears enhance efficiency and longevity in automotive transmissions, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.

    2. Electronics and Electrical Systems:

       - Application: POM GF25 insulators are crucial in electronic systems, providing electrical insulation and precise component alignment.

    3. Medical Devices:

       - Application: Surgical instruments benefit from POM GF25 handles, ensuring durability, chemical resistance, and ergonomic design.

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    4. Industrial Machinery:

       - Application: CNC machined POM GF25 bushings contribute to the efficiency of industrial machinery, offering low friction and wear resistance.

    5. Consumer Goods:

       - Application: POM GF25 knobs in consumer electronics guarantee precision and durability, enhancing the tactile and visual experience.

    6. Aerospace Components:

       - Application: Aerospace components like brackets benefit from CNC machined POM GF25 for their lightweight yet robust characteristics.

    7. Textile Industry:

       - Application: Precision Custom CNC machined POM GF25 parts, such as gears in textile machinery, ensure precise movement and resistance to wear.

    8. Energy Sector:

       - Application: Precision custom CNC machined POM GF25 parts, like valve components, offer reliability and chemical resistance in demanding energy applications.


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    A.We are a manufacturer.
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    A.Our company was founded in 2005.
    How long can I get a quote after sending drawing?
    A.Usually within 12 hours for common parts. If complex parts, Please send 3D file, We will reply to you within 24 hours.
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    A.Yes, We can. Just need some sample costs.
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