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Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 1
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 2
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 3
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 4
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 1
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 2
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 3
Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button 4

Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument button

Designed to meet your unique specifications, our custom CNC machined titanium instrument buttons ensure optimal performance and durability. The use of titanium, known for its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties, guarantees reliability in various industrial settings.


We specialize in providing custom OEM solutions through CNC machining. Our commitment to precision and quality is reflected in every aspect of them, offering a seamless integration into your specialized applications.


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    1. Material Composition:

       - Titanium Grade:

    Grade 5 titanium, also known as Ti-6Al-4V, is the material of choice.

       - Alloy Composition:

    Comprising 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium for superior strength and corrosion resistance.

    2. Dimensional Accuracy:

       - Tolerance Levels:

    Machined with tight tolerances within microns, ensuring precise dimensions.

       - Size Variations:

    Available in various sizes to accommodate diverse instrument specifications.

    CNC machined titanium Instrument button (1)

    3. Surface Finish:

       - Ra Value: Achieves a refined surface finish with a specific Ra value, enhancing tactile qualities.

       - Anodizing: Optional anodized finishes provide wear resistance and customization options.

    4. Weight Considerations:

       - Weight Variations: Customizable weight options allow for tailoring to specific instrument balance requirements.


    1. Exceptional Strength:

       - Grade 5 Titanium: Exhibits outstanding tensile strength, making instrument buttons robust and durable.

       - Ideal for High-Stress Environments: Suitable for instruments used in demanding conditions.

    2. Corrosion Resistance:

       - Superior Corrosion Resistance: Grade 5 titanium's corrosion resistance ensures longevity.

       - Versatility: Can withstand corrosive environments, extending the service life of instrument buttons.

    3. Precision Engineering:

       - High Precision: CNC machining guarantees precise and consistent manufacturing.

       - Repeatability: Instrument buttons maintain consistent quality across production batches.

    4. Customization Options:

       - Tailored Solutions: Available in a range of sizes, offering flexibility for instrument designers.

       - Aesthetic Customization: Optional anodizing allows for color customization and enhanced visual appeal.


    1. Cost Considerations:

       - Premium Material: Grade 5 titanium is a higher-cost material, impacting overall production expenses.

       - Budget Implications: Projects with stringent budget constraints may find Grade 5 titanium cost-prohibitive.

    2. Machining Challenges:

       - Tool Wear: Grade 5 titanium's hardness can accelerate tool wear, necessitating careful tool management.

       - Increased Machining Time: Due to its hardness, machining Grade 5 titanium may require longer production times.


    1. Aerospace Industry:

       Our Custom CNC machined titanium Instrument buttons find application in aerospace systems, ensuring reliable performance and durability under challenging conditions. From control panels to critical instruments, our components meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace sector.

    2. Medical Devices:

       In the medical field, they are utilized in various devices, guaranteeing precision and biocompatibility. These components are vital in medical equipment, where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

    CNC machined titanium Instrument button

    3. Automotive Systems:

       Within automotive systems, they play a crucial role in control panels, navigation devices, and advanced driver assistance systems. The lightweight yet robust nature of titanium contributes to fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

    4. Industrial Machinery:

       Our components are integrated into industrial machinery control panels, ensuring seamless operation and durability in demanding manufacturing environments. The corrosion-resistant properties of titanium make it an ideal choice for prolonged use.

    5. Electronics and Telecommunications:

       Precision is key in electronics and telecommunications, and they offer the required accuracy for controls in electronic devices, communication panels, and more.

    6. Oil and Gas Equipment:

       In the oil and gas industry, where harsh environments are prevalent, our titanium components provide resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for control systems and equipment in drilling and extraction processes.

    7. Marine Applications:

       The marine sector benefits from the corrosion-resistant properties of our instrument buttons. These components withstand exposure to saltwater and harsh marine conditions in navigation systems and control panels.

    8. Renewable Energy Systems:

       Within renewable energy systems, our custom CNC machined titanium instrument buttons contribute to the control and monitoring of equipment, ensuring efficient and sustainable energy production.

    Introduction to Mirror Polishing:

    Mirror polishing is a surface finishing technique that aims to achieve a highly reflective and smooth surface on machined components. In the context of CNC machining, this process involves the use of abrasives and polishing compounds to enhance the visual and tactile qualities of a finished product.

    CNC machined parts with Polishing

    Key Aspects of Mirror Polishing:

    1. Material Preparation:

       - The mirror polishing process typically starts with a well-prepared material surface to ensure optimal results.

       - The material, often metals such as stainless steel or aluminum, undergoes preliminary machining before the mirror polishing phase.

    2. Grinding and Polishing Steps:

       - Mirror polishing involves a series of grinding and polishing steps, gradually refining the surface finish.

       - Abrasives of varying grits are employed, followed by polishing compounds, to achieve the desired reflective surface.

    3. Surface Inspection:

       - Inspection is a crucial step to ensure uniformity in the polished surface.

       - Any imperfections or irregularities are addressed in subsequent polishing steps to meet quality standards.

    4. Final Surface Protection:

       - Once the desired mirror finish is achieved, a protective layer may be applied to preserve the polished surface.

       - This protective layer enhances resistance to environmental factors and minimizes the risk of surface degradation.

    Application in CNC Machining:

    Mirror polishing is particularly relevant in CNC machining, where precision and aesthetics are paramount. Components with mirror-polished surfaces find applications in various industries, including medical, automotive, and consumer electronics.


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