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Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 1
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 2
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 3
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 4
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 1
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 2
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 3
Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears 4

Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears

In the realm of CNC machining, our Custom 45# carbon steel Wire EDM gears stand as a testament to precision and reliability. Crafted from robust 45# carbon steel, these gears are meticulously shaped through the wire-cutting process, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and durability.


Engineered for diverse applications, our gears offer a balanced blend of strength and machinability. Tailored to meet specific needs, these Wire Cut Gears deliver consistent performance, making them ideal for various industrial applications. At our CNC facility, we uphold rigorous quality standards, ensuring each gear meets the stringent criteria of precision manufacturing.


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    1. Chemical Composition:

       - Carbon (C): 0.42% - 0.50%

       - Manganese (Mn): 0.50% - 0.80%

       - Phosphorus (P): ≤ 0.045%

       - Sulfur (S): ≤ 0.045%

    2. Hardness:

       - HRC (Hardness Rockwell C): 160 - 180

    3. Tensile Strength:

       - 600 MPa (Megapascals) - 750 MPa

    Wire cutting steel parts (1)

    4. Yield Strength:

       - 355 MPa (Megapascals) - 460 MPa


    1. High Hardness:

       45# carbon steel exhibits elevated hardness, contributing to the durability and wear resistance of Wire Cut Gears in various applications.

    2. Toughness:

       With a balanced chemical composition, this steel offers good toughness, ensuring the gears can withstand impact and loading without brittle failure.

    3. Machinability:

       The machinability of 45# carbon steel is commendable, making it a preferred choice for precision machining processes like wire cutting.

    4. Cost-Effective:

       This steel provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


    1. Limited Corrosion Resistance:

       While robust, 45# carbon steel has limited resistance to corrosion. Proper coatings or protection measures are necessary in corrosive environments.

    2. Weldability Challenges:

       Welding 45# carbon steel can pose challenges due to its higher carbon content, requiring careful consideration of welding processes and techniques.


    1. Industrial Machinery:

       In the realm of industrial machinery, these custom 45# carbon steel Wire Cut gears play a pivotal role. Their precise engineering ensures seamless integration into various systems, optimizing performance and enhancing overall efficiency.

    2. Automotive Components:

       The automotive sector benefits from the durability and precision of our gears. Whether in transmissions or engine mechanisms, the 45# carbon steel construction ensures longevity and consistent functionality.

    Wire cutting steel parts (3)

    3. Aerospace Systems:

       Meeting the stringent demands of the aerospace industry, they contribute to the flawless operation of intricate systems. Their resilience under extreme conditions makes them a preferred choice.

    4. Medical Equipment:

       Precision is paramount in medical equipment, and our gears meet the challenge. From diagnostic devices to robotic surgical systems, these gears contribute to the reliability of critical healthcare applications.

    5. Energy Sector:

       In the energy sector, particularly in the production of turbines and generators, they find applications where precision is critical for the seamless generation and distribution of power.

    6. Robotics and Automation:

       The field of robotics and automation relies on gears with exceptional accuracy. They facilitate the smooth operation of robotic arms and automated systems, ensuring precision in every movement.

    7. Custom Machinery Solutions:

       Tailored to meet specific requirements, our custom 45# carbon steel Wire Cut gears are integrated into custom machinery solutions across industries. Their adaptability and precision make them a reliable choice for specialized applications.


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