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CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 1
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 2
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 3
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 4
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 1
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 2
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 3
CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service 4

CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service

At our CNC machining facility, we deliver top-notch precision through our CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service. This service caters to the meticulous requirements of various industries, ensuring accurate and reliable components.


We employ professional CNC machinery operated by skilled professionals, ensuring the accuracy in every riveting.


Key Features:

1. Material Excellence:

We use high-quality 2017 aluminum, known for its machinability and corrosion resistance.


2. Precision CNC Milling:

Our state-of-the-art CNC milling ensures accurate and reliable riveting.


3. Versatility:

Suitable for various industries, providing tailored solutions for diverse applications.



Our CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service finds applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics. From structural components to intricate parts, our service addresses the diverse needs of OEMs seeking reliable and precision-engineered riveted assemblies.


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    1. Composition:

    2017 aluminum is an alloy primarily composed of aluminum, copper, and a small percentage of other elements, such as manganese and magnesium.

    2. Tensile Strength:

    With a tensile strength ranging from 379 to 414 MPa, 2017 aluminum exhibits robust mechanical properties, providing durability in various applications.

    3. Yield Strength:

    2017 aluminum has a yield strength of approximately 310 MPa, indicating its ability to withstand stress and deformation without permanent damage.

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    4. Density:

    The density of 2017 aluminum is around 2.78 g/cm³, making it a lightweight material suitable for applications where weight is a critical factor.

    5. Thermal Conductivity:

    This alloy boasts excellent thermal conductivity, with a value of approximately 170 W/(m·K), facilitating efficient heat dissipation in precision machining processes.

    6. Machinability:

    2017 aluminum exhibits good machinability, allowing for intricate CNC milling processes with precise outcomes, making it ideal for precision riveting applications.

    7. Corrosion Resistance:

    With corrosion resistance comparable to other aluminum alloys, 2017 aluminum is suitable for applications where protection against corrosion is essential.

    8. Weldability:

    2017 aluminum offers satisfactory weldability, enabling the creation of complex structures through welding processes.


    - High Strength:

    Exhibits a high tensile strength suitable for demanding applications.

    - Machinability:

    Allows for precise CNC milling, crucial for intricate components.

    - Thermal Conductivity:

    Efficiently dissipates heat, making it suitable for applications requiring thermal management.

    - Weldability:

    Enables the creation of complex structures through welding processes.


    - Corrosion Resistance:

    While good, it may not be as corrosion-resistant as some other aluminum alloys.

    - Cost:

    May have a higher cost compared to some alternative materials.


    1. Aerospace Components:

    Our CNC milling 2017 aluminum precision Riveting service plays a crucial role in the aerospace industry, providing accurately crafted components for structural elements and intricate assemblies. The reliability of 2017 aluminum ensures optimal performance in demanding aerospace applications.

    2. Automotive Parts:

    In the automotive sector, our CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum service is employed for manufacturing precision rivets used in critical components. From engine parts to structural elements, the service guarantees precision and durability.

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    3. Electronics Industry:

    For the electronics industry, our precision riveting service finds application in crafting components for various devices. The precision offered by CNC milling ensures the creation of intricate parts meeting the exact specifications required in electronics manufacturing.

    4. Industrial Machinery:

    In the realm of industrial machinery, our service contributes to the production of reliable and precise components. CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum provides the necessary accuracy for creating components that are integral to the functioning of industrial machinery.

    5. Medical Equipment:

    The medical sector benefits from our precision riveting service in the production of medical equipment components. The 2017 aluminum material, known for its corrosion resistance, aligns with the stringent requirements of the medical industry.

    6. Consumer Goods:

    From household appliances to consumer electronics, our CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service ensures the production of high-quality components. The versatility of the service allows for the creation of components for a wide range of consumer goods.


    Riveting is a mechanical joining process that involves fastening two or more components by deforming a rivet to hold them together securely. This method is widely utilized in various industries due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and durability.

    Key Components of Riveting:

    1. Rivet:

       - A cylindrical metal pin that undergoes deformation during the riveting process.

       - Typically made from materials like aluminum, steel, or other alloys based on the application's requirements.

    CNC Milling 2017 Aluminum Precision Riveting Service (1)
    2. Workpieces:

       - The components being joined, with holes pre-drilled to accommodate the rivet.

    Riveting Process:

    1. Preparation:

       - Holes are drilled into the workpieces, aligning precisely for a secure fit.

    2. Insertion:

       - The rivet is inserted through the aligned holes in the workpieces.

    3. Deformation:

       - The rivet's end is mechanically deformed using pressure, heat, or a combination of both.

       - This deformation creates a second head, securing the components together.

    Advantages of Riveting:

    1. Reliability:

       - Riveted joints provide a reliable and durable connection, crucial for the longevity of assembled products.

    2. Cost-Effective:

       - The simplicity of the riveting process makes it a cost-effective method for joining components.

    3. Versatility:

       - Applicable to a wide range of materials and component sizes, adding to its versatility.

    Applications in CNC Machining:

    1. Structural Components:

       - Riveting is commonly used in the assembly of structural components requiring strength and stability.

    2. Aerospace Industry:

       - Critical aerospace components often utilize riveting for its dependable and lightweight characteristics.

    3. Automotive Manufacturing:

       - In the automotive sector, riveting finds applications in assembling various parts, ensuring structural integrity.


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