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CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts 1
CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts 2
CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts 1
CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts 2

CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts


Discover our precision CNC turning services tailored for custom PPS plastic parts. We specialize in delivering high-quality, custom-made components to meet your unique specifications and requirements.



Our CNC turning capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of custom PPS plastic parts, including but not limited to bushings, connectors, fittings, and more. With our expertise in machining PPS plastic materials, we guarantee parts with excellent dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and overall quality.


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    1. Melting Point:

       - PPS exhibits a high melting point, ranging from approximately 280 to 290 degrees Celsius.

    2. Density:

       - The density of PPS is around 1.35 to 1.40 g/cm³, contributing to its lightweight nature.

    3. Tensile Strength:

       - PPS offers excellent tensile strength, typically in the range of 80 to 100 MPa.

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    4. Flexural Modulus:

       - The flexural modulus of PPS is approximately 3,000 to 4,000 MPa, indicating its stiffness and rigidity.

    5. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE):

       - PPS has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, ranging from 40 to 60 µm/m·°C, contributing to dimensional stability.


    1. Chemical Resistance:

       - PPS is highly resistant to various chemicals, making it suitable for applications in aggressive environments.

    2. Thermal Stability:

       - With a high melting point and low CTE, PPS maintains stability at elevated temperatures, making it ideal for high-temperature applications.

    3. Dimensional Accuracy:

       - CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts result in precise dimensional accuracy, meeting strict design specifications.


    1. Cost:

       - PPS can be relatively more expensive compared to some other engineering plastics.

    2. Processing Challenges:

       - The processing of PPS may present challenges due to its melting point, requiring specialized equipment.


    Automotive Industry:

    Within the automotive sector, CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts are extensively utilized in engine components such as throttle bodies, fuel injectors, and intake manifolds. The high temperature resistance and excellent dimensional stability of PPS plastic make it ideal for these applications, ensuring durability and longevity even under harsh operating conditions.

    Aerospace Sector:

    In the aerospace industry, CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts play a vital role in critical aircraft systems. These include components for cabin interiors, such as seat frames, overhead bins, and ventilation ducts. The lightweight nature of PPS 

    CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts (1)

    plastic, combined with its exceptional strength and chemical resistance, makes it a preferred choice for aerospace applications, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency and overall aircraft performance.

    Electronics Manufacturing:

    Within the electronics manufacturing sector, CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts find applications in various electronic devices and components. These include connectors, housings, and insulators for electronic circuitry and consumer electronics. The excellent electrical insulation properties of PPS plastic, coupled with its ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments, make it an ideal material for such applications, ensuring reliable performance and longevity of electronic devices.

    Medical Equipment:

    In the medical equipment industry, CNC turning PPS plastic custom parts are utilized in the fabrication of various medical devices and instruments. These include components for surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring devices. The biocompatibility, sterilizability, and chemical resistance of PPS plastic make it suitable for medical applications, ensuring safety and reliability in healthcare settings.


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    Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
    A.We are a manufacturer.
    When was your company founded?
    A.Our company was founded in 2005.
    How long can I get a quote after sending drawing?
    A.Usually within 12 hours for common parts. If complex parts, Please send 3D file, We will reply to you within 24 hours.
    Can you provide a sample? Is it free or extra?
    A.Yes, We can. Just need some sample costs.
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