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CNC titanium plated titanium parts


CNC titanium plated titanium parts, as the name suggests, are titanium parts that are coated with a thin layer of titanium nitride (TiN) through a process called physical vapor deposition (PVD). This results in a part with a hard and durable surface, while still retaining the unique physical and chemical properties of titanium.

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1. Wear and corrosion resistance

One of the primary benefits is their excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Titanium nitride is a hard and inert material that can withstand harsh conditions such as heat, chemicals, and abrasion. This makes CNC titanium plated titanium parts ideal for applications in industries such as oil and gas, medical, and automotive, where parts are subjected to extreme wear and tear.

2. Reduced friction and adhesion

They also offer an advantage in terms of reduced friction and adhesion. The TiN coating is smooth and uniform, which helps to reduce friction between moving parts and increase their lifespan. It also reduces adhesion, making it easier to clean and maintain the parts.

3. Improved aesthetics

Another benefit is their improved aesthetics. The titanium nitride coating offers a pleasing gold color that is ideal for applications in jewelry, fashion, and other decorative industries. It can also be used to color code parts for easy identification and differentiation.

4. Increased hardness

They are also known for their increased hardness. The TiN coating can increase the surface hardness of titanium by up to four times, making it more resistant to scratches and pitting. This is particularly useful in applications such as aerospace, where parts are subjected to high levels of stress and wear.



They can be used in a wide range of industries and applications. Here are a few examples:

1. Aerospace: 

They are commonly used in aerospace applications where strength, durability, and corrosion resistance are critical factors.

2. Medical:

They are used in medical devices such as surgical instruments and implants where biocompatibility, wear resistance, and durability are essential.

3. Automotive:

CNC titanium plated titanium parts are also used in automotive applications such as pistons, valves, and exhaust systems, where they offer improved wear and corrosion resistance.

4. Decorative:

They are also popular in the jewelry and fashion industries, where the distinctive gold color and durability make them an ideal choice for a range of applications.

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