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Strategies for Stress Release in CNC Machined Parts



As a dedicated OEM CNC machining facility, understanding and managing stress in machined parts is essential for ensuring the longevity and performance of components. Residual stress can impact the structural integrity of CNC machined parts, making it crucial to implement effective stress release strategies.

Strategies for Stress Release in CNC Machined Parts 1



1. Understanding Stress:

   - Stress, in the context of materials, refers to the internal forces that arise due to applied loads or temperature gradients.


   - Different types of stress include tensile, compressive, and shear stress, each affecting materials in distinct ways.



2. Areas Prone to Stress Concentration in CNC Machined Parts:

   - Fillets and sharp corners are common locations where stress concentration occurs.

   - Sudden changes in geometry, such as keyways and abrupt transitions, can lead to localized stress concentrations.

   - Internal corners in milled pockets or pockets with small radii are susceptible to stress concentration.

Strategies for Stress Release in CNC Machined Parts 2

3. Optimal Material Selection:

   - Choosing materials with balanced properties is crucial for stress management.

   - Consideration of thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, and yield strength contributes to stress reduction.



4. Precision Machining Techniques:

   - Controlling cutting speeds, feeds, and tool geometries is essential for minimizing stress during the machining process.

   - Machining strategies that avoid sudden changes in direction help prevent stress concentration.



5. Heat Treatment Processes:

   - Heat treatment, such as annealing, can effectively relieve stress by altering the material's microstructure.

   - Proper heat treatment parameters, including temperature and duration, are critical for stress relief.



6. Cryogenic Treatment:

   - Cryogenic treatment, involving extreme low temperatures, is employed to enhance stress relief and improve material properties.

   - This process stabilizes the material structure, reducing residual stresses.



7. Vibrational Stress Relief (VSR):

   - VSR is a non-thermal stress relief method that redistributes internal stresses through controlled vibrations.

   - It is particularly effective for large or intricate components where traditional heat treatments may not be suitable.



8. Minimizing Tooling Impact:

   - Proper tool selection, regular maintenance, and monitoring contribute to reducing stress in machined parts.

   - Careful consideration of tool paths and engagement helps minimize abrupt changes that could induce stress.



9. Balancing Workholding Techniques:

   - Effective workholding strategies distribute clamping forces evenly, preventing distortion and stress concentration.

   - Utilizing fixtures designed for specific part geometries enhances balance and reduces localized stress.


Strategies for Stress Release in CNC Machined Parts 3




Q1: What are the different types of stress in materials?

   - A1: Tensile stress, compressive stress, and shear stress are common types of stress that materials may experience, each affecting materials differently.


Q2: Why are fillets and sharp corners prone to stress concentration in CNC machined parts?

   - A2: Fillets and sharp corners create geometric discontinuities, leading to stress concentration as forces are concentrated in these areas.


Q3: How does internal geometry affect stress in CNC machined parts?

   - A3: Internal corners in milled pockets or pockets with small radii can experience stress concentration due to abrupt changes in geometry.

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