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We also offer other machining services, and if you have multiple projects, we can provide solutions for all your needs. 

Additionally, we are continuously learning new machining techniques to complement our CNC capabilities, reducing costs for your projects. 

Moreover, all our collaborating suppliers must meet our standards for quality and service to be part of the project. If you require a one-stop machining service solution, please feel free to contact us!
Laser cutting is a versatile process proficient in cutting a range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and more. Renowned for its precision, the method allows for intricate designs with minimal wastage.

Offering swift production, clean cuts, and adaptability to diverse materials, laser cutting stands out as a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution.
Precision wire cutting is a methodical process tailored for intricate shaping with micro-level accuracy across diverse materials like metals and alloys. It excels in fine detailing, minimizing material loss while offering versatility.

Noteworthy for reduced heat impact, high-volume efficiency, and streamlined post-cutting cleanup, precision wire cutting stands as a reliable solution for industries seeking precise and efficient component manufacturing.

This is TextThe diameter of the wire range: φ0.1~0.25mm, the machining precision +/-0.002mm, the surface roughness can reach 0.05Rau m, Rz0.1, can adapt to the simple cavity to the diversification of complex shape precision machining needs.
Mirror EDM, also known as Wire EDM, is a precision machining method suitable for a variety of materials, including metals and exotic alloys. Recognized for its micro-level accuracy and non-contact machining, Mirror EDM excels in crafting intricate shapes and achieving fine surface finishes.

With minimal tool wear and versatility across hardness levels, it is a preferred choice for industries seeking precision and efficiency in component manufacturing.

We can handle the processing of all kinds of complicated parts,can achieve machining precision within: +/-0.003mm and surface roughness of Ra0.02μm,clearance angle can be guaranteed R0.01 or less.
Precision surface grinding, a method known for its high precision in flatness and surface finish, is applicable to a diverse range of materials, including metals, alloys, and ceramics. Offering fine tolerance control and efficient material removal, this process ensures superior surface finishes and consistent dimensions. 

Its versatility makes it ideal for various industrial applications, particularly when dealing with hardened materials. Precision surface grinding stands as a reliable and cost-effective solution, delivering high repeatability and meeting stringent dimensional requirements for precise component manufacturing.

The maximum finish is Ra0.05, the machining accuracy can be controlled within: 1μm, and the minimum groove is 0.070mm. The best clearance angle is R0.02, it can satisfy all kinds of ultraprecision die parts processing.
Grinding Service

Materials for Precision Machining

The various materials applicable to the above machining processes. They can be used in multiple industries.
Especially suitable for one-time prototypes and custom parts for final use.
ProcessMaterialsMaterial GradesCharacteristics
PRECISION WIRE CUTTINGCarbideWC, CoCr, TaCHigh hardness, wearresistant, used for cutting metals
Stainless Steel304, 316, 174 PHCorrosionresistant, high strength, for precision parts
Titanium AlloyTi6Al4VHigh strength, corrosionresistant, lightweight, aerospace
Aluminum Alloy6061, 7075Lightweight, good thermal conductivity, aerospace, automotive
Engineering PlasticsPEEK, PA6, POMLightweight, excellent insulation, electronics, automotive
MIRROR EDMTool SteelSKD11, D2, A2High hardness, wearresistant, used for cutting tools
Copper AlloyC11000, C17200Good conductivity, used for electrode manufacturing
HighTemperature AlloysInconel 718, HastelloyHightemperature resistance, aerospace, energy
Superhard AlloysCBN, PCBNExtremely high hardness, used for manufacturing wearresistant parts
GRINDINGStainless Steel304, 316, 440CCorrosionresistant, high strength, precision parts
Tool SteelSKD61, H13High hardness, wearresistant, used for cutting tools

41XX Steel

4130, 4150Hightemperature resistance, automotive, mechanical parts
Cast IronFC200, FC300Good wear resistance, mechanical components
Superhard AlloysPCBN, CVDDiamondExtremely high hardness, used for manufacturing wearresistant parts
LASER CUTTINGStainless Steel304, 316, 430High cutting precision, used for manufacturing parts and sheets
Carbon SteelA36, 1018, 1045Widely used in structural and manufacturing industries
Alloy Steel4140, 4340High strength and hardness. Suitable for high strength applications.
Aluminum Alloy5052, 6061, 7075Lightweight, used in aerospace, automotive components
CopperC11000, C10100Excellent conductivity, used in electronics and electrical manufacturing
AcrylicPMMATransparent, widely used in advertising and decoration
Our packing details
1.Usual packing: By pearl cotton/bubble bag/plastic wrap + carton box , 0.5-22kg/carton box.
2.Special packing(for large part/large quantity order): By pearl cotton/bubble bag/plastic wrap +carton box+wooden box.
3.As customers' requirement for CNC machining parts.
1 Bubble bag
1 Bubble bag
Protects parts from impact during transit with its cushioning properties.
2 Pearl cotton
2 Pearl cotton
Offers additional shock absorption, ensuring secure packaging for delicate components.
3 Inner card
3 Inner card
Sturdy cardboard for structural support, safeguarding parts during shipping.
4 As customers' requirement
4 As customers' requirement
Tailored to meet specific client needs, ensuring optimal protection and presentation of CNC machined parts.
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