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Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 1
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 2
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 3
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 4
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 1
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 2
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 3
Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob 4

Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob

Each shift knob is meticulously CNC machined from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a premium feel. Our skilled artisans pay attention to every detail, resulting in a flawless finish that complements any car interior. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a more intricate pattern, our shift knobs are customizable to suit your unique taste.


Express your individuality with our range of customization options. Choose from a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, to create a shift knob that reflects your personal style. Additionally, you can select from a wide range of finishes, such as polished, brushed, or anodized, to further personalize your shift knob.


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    Characteristics of POM Plastic:

    1. Mechanical Properties:
    - Tensile Strength:

    POM exhibits high tensile strength, ranging from 60 MPa to 80 MPa.

    - Flexural Strength:

    It has a flexural strength of approximately 90 MPa to 120 MPa.

    - Impact Strength:

    POM offers good impact resistance, typically ranging from 5 kJ/m² to 10 kJ/m².

    - Hardness:

    It has a hardness level of around 80 to 90 Shore D.

    2. Dimensional Stability:

    - POM displays excellent dimensional stability, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, typically ranging from 10 to 20 µm/m·K.

    CNC Machined auto gear lever

    3. Wear Resistance:

    - POM is known for its exceptional wear resistance, making it suitable for applications involving sliding or rotating parts.

    - It has a low coefficient of friction, reducing the occurrence of wear and extending the lifespan of components.

    4. Chemical Resistance:

    - POM exhibits good resistance to many chemicals, including solvents, fuels, and oils.

    - However, it may be susceptible to degradation when exposed to strong acids or bases.

    Advantages of POM Plastic:

    - High mechanical strength and stiffness

    - Excellent dimensional stability

    - Good wear resistance

    - Low coefficient of friction

    - Good chemical resistance (except for strong acids and bases)

    - Easy to machine and process

    - Good electrical insulating properties

    Disadvantages of POM Plastic:

    - Limited resistance to UV radiation and weathering

    - Relatively high cost compared to some other plastics

    - Prone to stress cracking when exposed to certain chemicals

    Characteristics of SUS303 Stainless Steel:

    1. Mechanical Properties:

    - Tensile Strength: SUS303 stainless steel has a tensile strength of approximately 500 MPa.

    - Yield Strength: It exhibits a yield strength of around 190 MPa.

    - Hardness: SUS303 has a hardness level of approximately 85 to 95 HRB.

    2. Corrosion Resistance:

    - SUS303 offers good corrosion resistance against atmospheric and mild chemical environments.

    - It is not suitable for applications involving strong acids or chlorides.

    3. Machinability:

    - SUS303 is known for its excellent machinability, making it easy to cut, drill, and machine into complex shapes.

    4. Heat Resistance:

    - SUS303 stainless steel has limited heat resistance compared to other stainless steel grades.

    - It is not recommended for applications involving high-temperature environments.

    Advantages of SUS303 Stainless Steel:

    - Good corrosion resistance in mild environments

    - Excellent machinability

    - Suitable for applications requiring complex shapes

    - Relatively low cost compared to some other stainless steel grades

    Disadvantages of SUS303 Stainless Steel:

    - Limited heat resistance

    - Not suitable for applications involving strong acids or chlorides

    Considerations for Assembling POM Plastic and SUS303 Stainless Steel:

    1. Thermal Expansion:

    POM and stainless steel have different coefficients of thermal expansion. Ensure that the design accounts for the differential expansion to prevent stress or distortion during temperature variations.

    2. Galvanic Corrosion:

    When POM plastic and stainless steel are in direct contact, galvanic corrosion may occur due to the difference in electrical potentials. To mitigate this, use insulating materials or provide a barrier between the two materials.

    3. Fastening Methods:

    When fastening POM plastic and stainless steel components together, consider using non-corrosive fasteners, such as nylon screws or bolts made of materials compatible with both POM and stainless steel.

    4. Lubrication:

    Apply appropriate lubrication or use self-lubricating POM grades to reduce friction and wear between POM and stainless steel components.


    1. Performance Cars:

    For enthusiasts and owners of high-performance vehicles, our Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob offers an ideal solution. The ergonomic design and optimized weight distribution enhance the precision and control during gear shifting, enabling drivers to extract maximum performance from their cars. Whether it's on the racetrack or winding mountain roads, our shift knob ensures a seamless and engaging driving experience.

    2. Custom Car Builds:

    Automotive enthusiasts who are passionate about customizing their vehicles will appreciate the versatility of our Custom CNC Machined Shift Knob. With a wide range of customization options, including materials, finishes, and designs, our shift knob allows owners to create a unique interior that reflects their personal style. It serves as a focal point, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to any custom car build.

    auto gear lever (上半部分是POM 下面是SUS303不锈钢) (3)

    3. Luxury Vehicles:

    Owners of luxury cars demand the highest quality and attention to detail. It meets these expectations with its flawless craftsmanship and premium materials. The shift knob's exquisite design and luxurious finishes seamlessly integrate into the opulent interiors of luxury vehicles, elevating the overall driving experience and adding a refined touch to the cabin ambiance.

    4. Show Cars and Exhibitions:

    When it comes to show cars and exhibitions, attention to detail is paramount. It serves as a captivating centerpiece, showcasing the owner's dedication to craftsmanship and individuality. By customizing the shift knob to align with the theme or design concept of the show car, it becomes a focal point that draws admiration and attention from enthusiasts and spectators alike.

    5. Upgrading OEM Shift Knobs:

    Owners of production vehicles often seek to enhance the driving experience and personalize their cars. Our Custom CNC Machined Car Shift Knob provides a straightforward and visually impactful upgrade to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shift knob. With easy installation and compatibility with various gear shifters, owners can effortlessly replace their stock shift knob with a customized option, instantly transforming the look and feel of their vehicle's interior.


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