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Custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 Square Screw with PVD coating 1
Custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 Square Screw with PVD coating 2
Custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 Square Screw with PVD coating 1
Custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 Square Screw with PVD coating 2

Custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 Square Screw with PVD coating

Precision in every detail defines our custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 Square Screw with PVD coating. Tailored to your specifications, our OEM CNC machining services guarantee the high standards in quality and functionality. 


The 304 stainless steel ensures durability, while the PVD coating enhances both aesthetics and corrosion resistance. Our commitment to precision machining reflects in every facet of this bespoke component, delivering reliable performance for diverse applications. 


Trust our expertise for custom solutions that meet your exacting requirements!


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    1. Material Composition:

    Crafted from 304 stainless steel, this screw is characterized by its corrosion-resistant properties, making it suitable for various environments.

    2. Size and Dimensions:

    With a precise M5 designation, the screw has a nominal diameter of 5 millimeters, ensuring compatibility in applications requiring accuracy and strength.

    3. Thread Specifications:

    Featuring a standard metric coarse thread, the screw is designed to establish secure connections with corresponding nuts and threaded components.

    CNC machined stainless steel screw (2)

    4. Tensile Strength:

    Thanks to its 304 stainless steel composition, the screw exhibits notable tensile strength, enabling it to withstand significant loads without deformation.

    5. Corrosion Resistance:

    The inherent corrosion-resistant nature of 304 stainless steel makes the screw ideal for applications exposed to moisture, chemicals, and diverse environmental conditions.


    1. Durability:

    The combination of stainless steel material and precise manufacturing results in a durable screw capable of withstanding harsh conditions, contributing to its longevity.

    2. Versatility:

    The 304 stainless steel screw's versatility makes it suitable for a range of applications, from industrial machinery to automotive assembly, ensuring broad usability.

    3. Corrosion Resilience:

    The primary advantage lies in its exceptional resistance to corrosion, making it a reliable choice in environments where exposure to corrosive elements is a concern.


    Precision meets versatility in the application of our Custom CNC Machined 304 Stainless Steel M5 Square Screw with PVD Coating. This specialized component finds its utility across a spectrum of industries, ensuring reliable performance in various settings.

    1. Industrial Machinery:

    Utilized as a critical fastening component in industrial machinery, the M5 Square Screw excels in providing secure connections, contributing to the efficiency and functionality of the machinery.

    CNC machined stainless steel screw

    2. Automotive Engineering:

    In the automotive sector, this custom screw plays a vital role in assembly and securing components, offering durability and corrosion resistance, particularly in challenging environments.

    3. Electronics Manufacturing:

    Within the electronics industry, precision is paramount. The M5 Square Screw, with its CNC machined accuracy and PVD coating, is instrumental in assembling intricate electronic devices, ensuring a secure and lasting connection.

    4. Aerospace Applications:

    Aerospace engineering demands components of the highest quality. Our CNC machined screw finds applications in this sector, contributing to the structural integrity and reliability of aerospace equipment.

    5. Construction Sector:

    In the construction field, where robustness is non-negotiable, the M5 Square Screw is utilized for its strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity in various construction applications.

    6. Medical Equipment Manufacturing:

    In the medical industry, precision and cleanliness are imperative. This custom CNC machined 304 stainless steel M5 square screw with PVD coating, is employed in the manufacturing of medical equipment, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

    Understanding the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) in CNC Machining

    Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a key process in the realm of CNC machining, offering a methodical approach to enhancing the properties of components. This technique involves the deposition of thin films on the surface of materials, often utilizing metals like titanium, chromium, or aluminum.

    pvd coating parts (3)

    1. Process Overview:

    In PVD, the material to be deposited is vaporized and then condensed onto the desired surface, forming a thin, protective coating. This is achieved within a vacuum chamber to ensure a controlled and precise environment.

    2. Coating Materials:

    Commonly used materials for PVD coatings include titanium nitride (TiN), chromium nitride (CrN), and aluminum oxide (Al2O3). These coatings provide various benefits such as enhanced hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion protection.

    3. Applications in CNC Machining:

    PVD finds extensive use in CNC machining, particularly in the manufacturing of precision components. The deposited coatings improve the performance and longevity of machined parts, making them suitable for diverse industries.

    4. Benefits of PVD Coatings:

       - Enhanced Hardness:

    PVD coatings significantly increase the hardness of components, extending their lifespan.

       - Improved Wear Resistance:

    The deposited films enhance the material's resistance to wear, crucial for components subjected to friction and abrasion.

       - Corrosion Protection:

    PVD coatings act as a barrier against corrosion, preserving the integrity of machined parts.

    5. Precision in Customization:

    For OEM CNC machining, PVD offers a precise and controlled method of customizing components. This process allows for tailored coatings to meet specific requirements, ensuring the optimization of parts for various applications.


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