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CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve 1
CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve 2
CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve 3
CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve 1
CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve 2
CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve 3

CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeve

At our custom CNC machining facility, we take pride in delivering precision-engineered components, exemplified by our CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeves. These sleeves are meticulously crafted using professional CNC technology and SKD11 tool steel, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.


About SKD11 Motor Shaft Sleeves:

SKD11, a high-carbon, high-chromium alloy steel, is chosen for its excellent wear resistance and toughness. Our CNC precision machining process enhances these qualities, producing motor shaft sleeves that meet the exact specifications and tolerances required for optimal performance.


Quality Assurance:

Each SKD11 motor shaft sleeve undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets our exacting standards. We are committed to delivering components that contribute to the seamless operation of your machinery.


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    1. Chemical Composition:

    SKD11, also known as D2 tool steel, primarily consists of:

    - Carbon (C): 1.40-1.60%

    - Chromium (Cr): 11.0-13.0%

    - Molybdenum (Mo): 0.70-1.20%

    - Vanadium (V): 0.70%

    - Silicon (Si): 0.60%

    - Manganese (Mn): 0.60%

    - Phosphorus (P): 0.03%

    - Sulfur (S): 0.03%

    2. Hardness:

    SKD11 exhibits a high hardness level after heat treatment, typically ranging from 58 to 62 HRC (Rockwell hardness scale).

    SKD11 Steel Hex wrench

    3. Wear Resistance:

    With its high chromium and carbon content, SKD11 offers excellent wear resistance, making it suitable for applications involving abrasive wear and cutting.

    4. Toughness:

    Despite its high hardness, SKD11 maintains good toughness, contributing to its suitability for tooling applications where both hardness and impact resistance are essential.


    - High hardness and wear resistance ensure prolonged tool life.

    - Good toughness prevents premature breakage and chipping.

    - Excellent dimensional stability under various temperature conditions.

    - Suitable for intricate CNC machining due to its fine grain structure.


    - Susceptible to corrosion if not properly maintained.

    - Requires careful heat treatment for optimal performance.

    Challenges in CNC Machining:

    1. Tool Selection:

       - The hardness of SKD11 requires appropriate tool selection, often favoring carbide or coated tools to withstand the material's abrasiveness.

    2. Heat Generation:

       - SKD11 generates heat during machining, necessitating effective cooling methods to prevent thermal damage to the workpiece and tools.

    3. Surface Finish:

       - Achieving a smooth surface finish can be challenging due to the material's hardness. Finishing operations may be required for precision applications.

    4. Material Distortion:

       - SKD11's susceptibility to heat requires careful consideration to prevent material distortion during CNC machining processes.


    1. Automotive Precision:

    In the automotive sector, the CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeves find application in critical engine components. The precision-engineered sleeves contribute to the efficient and reliable performance of motors, ensuring the seamless operation of vehicles.

    2. Aerospace Reliability:

    Aerospace applications demand the highest standards of precision and durability. Our sleeves play a crucial role in aerospace systems, providing the necessary reliability for avionics and propulsion systems.

    CNC precision machining skd11 motor shaft sleeve(3)

    3. Machinery Manufacturing:

    Within the realm of machinery manufacturing, these motor shaft sleeves serve as integral components in various machinery systems. The CNC precision ensures a perfect fit, contributing to the overall efficiency and functionality of machinery.

    4. Industrial Automation:

    As industries embrace automation, the demand for precision components rises. They are applied in industrial automation systems, where their accuracy and reliability support seamless and uninterrupted operations.

    5. Renewable Energy Systems:

    In the domain of renewable energy, particularly wind turbines and solar tracking systems, the SKD11 sleeves contribute to the precise movement and positioning of components. This aids in maximizing energy output and system efficiency.

    6. Robotics and Motion Control:

    The robotics industry relies on precision components for accurate motion control. They play a vital role in robotics, ensuring precise and smooth movements in various robotic applications.

    7. Medical Equipment:

    In medical equipment manufacturing, where precision is non-negotiable, they find application in devices such as medical scanners and robotic-assisted surgery systems. The CNC precision ensures the accuracy required for critical medical procedures.

    8. Electronic Manufacturing:

    For electronic applications, especially within the manufacturing of electronic devices and appliances, the CNC precision machining SKD11 motor shaft sleeves contribute to the reliability of motors, enhancing the performance of various electronic systems.

    Vacuum heat treatment

    Vacuum heat treatment stands as a critical methodology for enhancing the mechanical properties of metals, ensuring improved hardness, wear resistance, and overall performance. Achieving an HRC62 hardness level through this process involves meticulous control of temperature, pressure, and cooling rates in a vacuum environment.

    Key Considerations:

    1. Controlled Atmosphere:

       - Vacuum heat treatment occurs in a controlled atmosphere, devoid of reactive gases, preventing oxidation and ensuring a clean surface finish.

    heat treatment parts
    2. Optimized Cooling Rates:

       - Precise control over cooling rates is vital for achieving the desired hardness level. This is accomplished by adjusting the quenching process to avoid rapid cooling, which could lead to stress and distortion.

    3. Uniform Heating:

       - Ensuring uniform heating throughout the material is crucial. This is achieved by carefully managing the distribution of heat within the vacuum furnace, minimizing variations in temperature.

    4. HRC62 Hardness Level:

       - The HRC62 hardness level indicates a high degree of hardness, rendering the material suitable for applications requiring resistance to wear and deformation. This level is achieved through specific heat treatment cycles tailored to the material's composition.


    Materials subjected to vacuum heat treatment with an HRC62 hardness level find applications in various industries, including tool manufacturing, aerospace components, and precision machinery. The enhanced hardness contributes to extended tool life, improved surface durability, and overall component reliability.


    - Improved Wear Resistance:

    Achieving HRC62 hardness enhances the material's resistance to wear, making it ideal for components subjected to abrasive conditions.

    - Enhanced Strength:

    The heat treatment process contributes to increased material strength, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding applications.


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