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Custom Precision mould parts丨RuiXing CNC 1
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Custom Precision mould parts丨RuiXing CNC 1
Custom Precision mould parts丨RuiXing CNC 2
Custom Precision mould parts丨RuiXing CNC 3
Custom Precision mould parts丨RuiXing CNC 4

Custom Precision mould parts丨RuiXing CNC

Precision custom Mould Parts offer reliable and versatile components for various industries. They are made from high-quality materials, providing durability and reliability even under demanding conditions. 


With consistent quality control measures, these parts deliver reliable performance and cost-effectiveness. They find applications in automotive, electronics, medical, and aerospace industries, including engine components, circuit board parts, surgical instruments, and aircraft engine components.


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    What are Precision Mould Parts?

    Precision custom mould parts refer to finely crafted components used in moulds for manufacturing processes.

    These parts are designed to meet strict tolerances and specifications, enabling the production of intricate and accurate products.

    They are typically made from high-quality materials such as tool steels, tungsten carbides, or ceramics, depending on the specific application requirements.

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    Manufacturing Process and Quality Control

    The production of them involves several stages, including design, material selection, machining, and surface treatment.

    Advanced manufacturing technologies such as computer numerical control (CNC) machining, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and wire cutting are employed to achieve high precision and accuracy.

    Strict quality control measures, including dimensional inspections and material testing, are implemented to ensure the conformity of the parts to specifications.

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    ◎   Applications in Automotive Industry:

    In the automotive industry, precision custom mould parts are extensively used in the production of engine components, transmission parts, and body structure elements. These parts ensure the precise formation of complex shapes, contributing to the overall performance and durability of vehicles.

    ◎   Importance in Electronics Manufacturing:

    The electronics industry heavily relies on them for the production of circuit board components, connectors, and sensor housings. These parts enable the precise assembly and protection of delicate electronic components, ensuring reliable functionality and longevity of electronic devices.

    ◎   Role in Medical Device Manufacturing:

    They are crucial in the manufacturing of medical devices and surgical instruments. They enable the production of intricate and sterile components, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical procedures. These parts are used in the production of implants, diagnostic equipment, and precision surgical tools.

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    ◎   Contribution to Consumer Goods:

    In the consumer goods industry, they are utilized in the production of various products such as appliances, household items, and personal accessories. These parts help create aesthetically pleasing designs, precise fitting components, and durable product casings, enhancing the overall user experience.

    ◎   Aerospace Applications:

    The aerospace industry relies on precision custom mould parts for the production of critical components used in aircraft engines, structural elements, and electrical connectors. These parts must meet stringent quality standards to ensure the safety and reliability of aerospace systems.


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    A.Dwg, pdf, step, step, igs, images or text format is acceptable.
    Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
    A.We are a manufacturer.
    When was your company founded?
    A.Our company was founded in 2005.
    How long can I get a quote after sending drawing?
    A.Usually within 12 hours for common parts. If complex parts, Please send 3D file, We will reply to you within 24 hours.
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    A.Yes, We can. Just need some sample costs.
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