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Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 1
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 2
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 3
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 4
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 1
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 2
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 3
Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts 4

Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts

Specializing in OEM CNC machining, we meticulously craft custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts to your specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your projects. Our process guarantees dimensional accuracy and reliability, catering to a range of industries such as automotive, electronics, and medical. With a focus on material expertise, we harness the resilience and corrosion resistance of H62 brass, delivering components that withstand diverse applications.


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    1. Chemical Composition:

       - H62 brass is a copper-zinc alloy with a composition of approximately 60.5% copper (Cu), 1.5% aluminum (Al), and the remainder zinc (Zn).

    2. Hardness:

       - H62 brass has a Rockwell hardness (HRB) range of 80-87, indicating a moderate level of hardness suitable for various machining applications.

    3. Tensile Strength:

       - The tensile strength of H62 brass ranges between 290 MPa and 370 MPa, providing adequate strength for machining processes.

    CNC machined H62 brass parts(3)

    4. Elongation:

       - H62 brass exhibits an elongation value of 15-25%, signifying its ability to undergo deformation without fracture.

    5. Thermal Conductivity:

       - With a thermal conductivity ranging from 115 to 130 W/(m·K), H62 brass efficiently dissipates heat during machining, contributing to tool longevity.

    6. Machinability:

       - H62 brass is known for its good machinability, ensuring smooth and efficient CNC precision machining processes.


    1. Corrosion Resistance:

       - H62 brass possesses excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications in harsh environments.

    2. Ductility:

       - The ductility of H62 brass allows for intricate machining without compromising structural integrity.

    3. Thermal Conductivity:

       - High thermal conductivity contributes to effective heat dissipation during machining, reducing the risk of tool wear.


    1. Cost:

       - H62 brass, while advantageous, can be more expensive than other alloys, affecting overall project costs.

    2. Tarnish:

       - Over time, H62 brass may tarnish due to environmental factors, impacting its aesthetic appearance.


    1. Electronic Connectors:

       - Custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts find crucial applications in the manufacturing of electronic connectors. The precision-machined components ensure optimal conductivity and durability, making them integral to the functionality of electronic devices.

    2. Automotive Components:

       - In the automotive sector, they play a vital role in the fabrication of various components. From intricate fuel system parts to connectors, our CNC precision machining delivers components that meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry.

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    3. Fluid Handling Systems:

       - The corrosion resistance and machinability of H62 brass make it an ideal choice for fluid handling systems. Valves, fittings, and connectors precision-machined from H62 brass guarantee reliable performance in diverse fluid-handling applications.

    4. Aerospace Applications:

       - Custom CNC precision machining of H62 brass finds applications in aerospace components. The combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and precision makes H62 brass parts suitable for critical aerospace applications, including avionics and structural components.

    5. Medical Instruments:

       - They are integral to the fabrication of medical instruments. The biocompatibility, precision, and durability of these parts make them suitable for various medical applications, ensuring reliability in critical healthcare settings.

    6. Industrial Machinery:

       - They play a pivotal role in the manufacturing of industrial machinery. From specialized gears to intricate components, our precision-machined parts contribute to the efficiency and reliability of diverse machinery applications.

    7. Plumbing Fixtures:

       - The corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal of H62 brass make it a preferred material for plumbing fixtures. Faucets, valves, and connectors precision-machined from H62 brass combine functionality with durability in plumbing applications.

    8. Energy Sector Components:

       - In the energy sector, they find applications in the production and transmission of energy. Precision-machined parts contribute to the reliability and efficiency of energy-related equipment.

    9. Instrumentation and Control Systems:

       - They are utilized in instrumentation and control systems, where precision and reliability are paramount. These components ensure the accurate and efficient operation of various control mechanisms.

    10. Custom OEM Projects:

       - Our custom CNC precision machining H62 brass parts extends to bespoke OEM projects. Tailoring components to the unique specifications of OEM clients across diverse industries, we ensure the seamless integration of H62 brass parts into specialized applications.


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