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CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 1
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 2
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 3
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 4
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 1
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 2
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 3
CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts 4

CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts

At our CNC machining facility, we specialize in crafting custom aluminum parts with precision and expertise. Our CNC milling process ensures accurate and intricate designs tailored to your specifications. Utilizing anodized pale gold finishing, our aluminum parts not only exhibit a visually appealing appearance but also benefit from enhanced durability and corrosion resistance. 


Whether you require prototypes or production runs, our skilled technicians and professional equipment deliver high-quality custom aluminum parts suitable for diverse applications. Trust us for reliable OEM CNC machining services, where precision meets customization to fulfill your unique requirements.


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    1. Dimensional Accuracy:

       CNC milling ensures precise dimensional accuracy for custom 6061 aluminum parts, with tolerances as tight as +/- 0.005mm, meeting exact design specifications.

    2. Surface Finish Control:

       Anodized custom aluminum parts feature a controlled surface finish, with options ranging from matte to glossy, providing aesthetic versatility to suit various applications.

    3. Material Composition - 6061 Aluminum Alloy:

       Crafted from the resilient 6061 aluminum alloy, these parts offer a balanced combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability, suitable for diverse industrial requirements.

    CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts (3)

    4. Anodized Coating Thickness:

       The anodized coating thickness on custom aluminum parts can be precisely controlled, typically ranging from 5 to 25 microns, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

    5. Complex Geometries and Intricate Designs:

       CNC milling enables the production of custom aluminum parts with intricate designs and complex geometries, allowing for versatility in component shapes and configurations.


    1. Enhanced Aesthetics:

       Anodized custom aluminum parts boast a visually appealing finish, available in various colors and textures, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

    2. Corrosion Resistance:

       The anodized coating provides superior corrosion resistance, protecting the underlying aluminum substrate from environmental factors such as moisture and chemicals, thus extending the lifespan of the parts.

    3. Improved Surface Hardness:

       Anodizing enhances the surface hardness of custom aluminum parts, increasing their resistance to scratches, abrasion, and wear, ensuring long-term durability in demanding applications.

    4. Thermal Insulation:

       Anodized custom aluminum parts exhibit improved thermal insulation properties, making them suitable for applications requiring heat dissipation or thermal barrier properties.

    Product Advantages

    1. Aerospace Industry - Precision Components:

       In aerospace, these custom aluminum parts play a crucial role in manufacturing precision components for aircraft. From brackets to panels, the anodized pale gold finish ensures corrosion resistance, making them ideal for aerospace applications.

    2. Electronics Sector - Heat Dissipation Solutions:

       Within the electronics sector, these custom aluminum parts serve as efficient heat dissipation solutions. Components like heat sinks are crafted to perfection, utilizing CNC milling to achieve intricate designs while the anodized finish enhances their durability.

    CNC milling anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts (2)

    3. Medical Equipment - Lightweight Structural Parts:

       In the medical field, the lightweight nature of anodized pale gold custom aluminum parts is utilized for crafting structural components in medical equipment. This ensures not only structural integrity but also a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

    4. Automotive Manufacturing - Decorative Trim Components:

       Automotive manufacturers employ these custom aluminum parts for crafting decorative trim components. The anodized pale gold finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides durability against environmental factors.

    5. Telecommunications - Antenna Mounting Brackets:

       In the telecommunications industry, CNC-milled anodized pale gold aluminum parts are commonly used for antenna mounting brackets. The corrosion-resistant finish ensures longevity in various environmental conditions.


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    A.Our company was founded in 2005.
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    A.Usually within 12 hours for common parts. If complex parts, Please send 3D file, We will reply to you within 24 hours.
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    A.Yes, We can. Just need some sample costs.
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